How To Throw a Dart? Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Darts or Arrows’ are said to have been first invented by the English carpenter Brian Gamlin in 1896, but the name of the real inventor is still a dispute. Dartboards were initially made using a block of wood. Circular rings are drawn on the face of the dartboard, and numbers are written on them. Darts were also made of wood with light feathers attached for easy flight. Beginners search for the answer about how to throw dart? Because they newly join this game.

How to throw a Dart?

The popular indoor dart game is usually played globally as a simple, fun activity. It is also a competitive sport among friends. This game consists of the around painted dartboard and a set of sharp-pointed darts. Nowadays, dartboards are made of different materials, including bristles, sisal, wood, paper, or even plastic. Most darts are made with metals or alloys to provide the essential weight for flight. The dartboard is hung somewhere on a wall. The player stands on the floor and with the darts, targeting the bull’s eye (drawn on the board’s center).

How to throw darts?

To win at darts, it is important to ensure specific and wrist movements and balance the body. therefore, give a read to this article to know about how to throw dart?

The following three keys will help you ace the art of darts.


The most important part of a players’ game strategy is his grip on the hand-piece. A cricketer or a hockey player has to have a firm and comfortable grip over the bat. Likewise, the game of a dart player depends greatly on his/ her grip on the dart.

Hold the dart firmly and not forcefully. The most preferred pose is to hold the barrel (middle) of the dart among the thumb, index, and middle fingers of your dominant hand.


A stance is the position of a player’s feet while playing. Players can stand diagonal, sideways, or perpendicular to the oche, i.e., as comfortable. There is no restriction on how to stand as long as one is not standing across the oche.

The best stance would be standing diagonal to the oche. Slightly bending your knees and keeping your maximum weight on the dominant foot are bonus tips.


The last important step is the throwing process. Begin with your arm at a 90ᵒ angle and tilt your wrist slightly backward. Now while moving your arm, throw the dart forward in a stable and linear motion. Try to avoid jerks and keep your body static while releasing the dart.

How to play dart game:

  • The basic dart game is just throwing the arrows on the board from behind the throw line, called the oche. While playing, a player should not cross this line. The approximate distance from the dartboard to the oche is 7 feet and 9.25 inches.
  • Starting score of every player (or team) is 501 points, and they have to reach zero to win.
  • On the dartboard, there are defined areas for different particular scores. If a dart falls on some specific area, those points are subtracted from the player’s total scores. For instance, the center of the dartboard has a score of 50 points. If the dart falls inside this section, 50 points would be subtracted from the player’s remaining score, and this act will be repeated until either of the players reaches a score of zero and wins.
  • Each player (or team) gets to throw three darts per one turn. Players throw the darts targeting towards the respective scores.


Throwing darts is a sport and a fun activity at the same time. Though its bit hard to learn about how to throw dart? But not impossible. Playing a game as easy and simple as darts makes you feel relaxed and enhances your coordination skills. It is actually also a great source of exercise as it provides necessary physical movement.

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