How to Score Darts: Rules, Tips And Tricks

How to Score Darts

Getting bored is something very depressing for people. To get out of this boredom, you can buy yourself a dartboard. Darts is an indoor game where the players set a target and throw the dart on the target to score a good number. There are several points, such as a bull’s eye or double ring, to throw the darts. This is not a gender-specific game as everyone can play it.

About darts invention:

darts invention

Darts is a game initiated by Brian Gamlin, played in England for more than 100 years, and still, it has been a favorite for everyone in the UK and is played throughout the UK in all the tavern pubs. The darts game gained more popularity since queen Elizabeth played darts in a social center in England.

Play high score darts:

Play high score darts

In this game, each player has three turns. The common target score to achieve is 1000. Any player who scored 1000 is the winner of that particular game. Some other important points for scoring high numbers are given below:

  1. Each player has a score of 501, which is supposed to be brought back to 0
  2. Each player has three throwings in each turn.
  3. Moreover, the final throwing must be on the double ring.
  4. You will score zero if you throw the dart on the outer wire of the dartboard.
  5. When you hit the large portion of the dartboard, you will score according to the points mentioned in that section.
  6. Your dart will only be scored if the dart you have thrown touches or lands on the board surface properly on a manual dartboard. But the opposite is the case with electronic dartboards, as the scores are secured as soon as the dart lands on the surface. Even though the dart falls afterward, your score will be safe.
  7. To break the odds to finish the game in the double ring or bull’s eye, the game starts from 501.

How to play Darts ?

How to play Darts

A player is supposed to hit every number from 1 to 20. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, you need to learn each movement to play the game.


A perfect grip over the dart will help you win the game. You don’t have to hold the dart too tightly or too loose. The most common mistake made by beginners is they don’t hold the dart with a good balance.

 For this, they require practice. Meaning, you need to balance it properly to make a good shot. The perfect position of holding a dart is through your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.


Maintaining a good posture is something very important when it comes to darts. All you need to do is put your left foot ahead if you are a lefty. Your left hand would be dominant, and so does your left foot.

 You are to put all your weight on the left foot. Also, it would help if you bent your knees to maintain a good posture. You have to keep in mind that movement during the throw will ultimately ruin your game. It is highly recommended to stand in a stationary position while throwing darts.


Throwing the darts is another important skill every dart board player should have. While playing this game, one must remain calm and relaxed. Moreover, the player’s arm must still be contrary to the forearm, which will surely move along with the wrist to throw the dart at the target position.

Besides that, the player is supposed to stand parallel to the floor to target the best shot. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on your wrist and forearm to throw the dart, but a normal throw would work wonders. If you throw the dart with light pressure, it won’t reach the dartboard because it is 5 feet away.

Additional tips for playing darts:

 tips for playing darts

Apart from that, you have to pay some major attention to playing this game.

  • Every dartboard is constructed similarly. The numbers written on them are not in sequence; they are just random numbers from 1 to 20 across the board. You will keep on gaining more points as you throw the darts on different points on the board.
  • The dartboard is divided into subsections with points mentioned in each section. For instance, if the dart lands on the red or outer green section, then the player would score double points of that particular number on which the dart was landed. For example, if the dart was landed on 20, the player will score 40 points.
  • If the player throws the dart on the inner red or green section, he/she will score triple points of that specific number in which the dart was landed. For instance, if the dart lands on 16, then the player will score 48 points.
  • The dartboard center is further divided into 2 sections known as a double bull for the red section and a single bull for the green one. However, if the dart is landed on the green one, the player will score 20 points, and if it lands on the red one, the players will score 50 points.


Summing it up, this is an informational type of article that educates the readers. In this article, we discussed the details regarding the game darts. Moreover, we also discussed the history of this game along with the game play. The playing guide for the game is discussed in detail. This game originated in England more than 100 years ago, and still, it is everyone’s favourite. Apart from that, we discussed playing guidelines in 3 steps.

The 3 steps are grip, stance, and throw. If you have missed any of these steps during the game play, it will become a source of displeasure in your game as you won’t enjoy the game to the fullest. Furthermore, we additionally explained the dartboard in detail. We also discussed the rules of this game in this article.

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