How To Play Shanghai Darts? : Rules, Tips And Tricks

There are different games you will love to play, but dart is one of the best games with different types of games that can improve your dart performance. Many enthusiastic about dart playing have said that the game of 30 or 501 includes in the pinnacles of darts. But yes, many players who want to improve their skills use other games also. That player who wants to play a game that is easy to pick but hard to master should play shanghai. The words shanghai basically mean scoring in a single, double, and triple with the same number and within the same turn.

What are Shanghai darts?

Shanghai is considered one of the easiest dart games in which the participants compete for the highest score. All over the game, they go around the board for 1 to 2 and collect points. These points depend upon the number scored by the player. Obviously, the winner will be the player who scores the most points.


 Several players:  This game is best for the larger group because unlimited players can play it easily.

 Who can play it?  Anyone having an interest in playing dart can play Shanghai easily.

Level of the game:  Shanghai is one of the easiest types of dart games.

What is the main goal to achieve? 

It would be best if you scored highest at the end to win the game.

Reason to love this game:  This game is ideal for the larger group; players with any ability can play it easily, and this game is point-based to create real tense finishes.

What will you need to play Shanghai darts? 

If you are ready to start the game, there are a few things you should have first. So what you will need is given below:

The dartboard:  You can buy the dartboard of any size as per your requirement, and you can have it from any store very easily. If you want to play at home, then a board with standard size will go perfectly, and you will also get a few darts to start the game.

The darts:  Choosing the darts depends on your will as it’s your personal preference. There are darts of different weights and lengths; the best way to find the right dart is trial or error. Mostly the darts having heavyweight is considered accurate, and also, in Shanghai, it will go perfectly.

The scoreboard:  In the game Shanghai darts, you have the score totally at the end, so it’s important to keep the score. Before starting the game, always make sure to keep something to write with and write on.

How to play shanghai darts?

Playing shanghai darts is not difficult as it is considered one of the easy play games, but yes, this game’s second side is also considered hard to score. So follow the steps given below to learn the game:

  • Allow each player to throw 3 darts per go and play the game in turns to get through darts on each number from 1 to 20.
  • Players’ scores will be count according to the relevant number on which their darts stick.
  • The game ends when the last player through its dart on number 20.
  • At any point, if the player hits Shanghai, the game will end, and that player will be considered a winner.
  • A single, double, and triple dart on the same number is considered Shanghai.
  • The winner will be considered by counting the scores at the end of the game.


This article is all about the game Shanghai dart, which is considered one of the easiest but hard score games. Many dart players also love Shanghai because there isn’t any limit of players involved in this as many players the fun will be increased. Apart from that, you will only need 3 things to start playing that includes a dartboard, darts, and a scoreboard. It is very easy to play the game as there are a few simple steps to follow, and you will be perfect in Shanghai. When any player hits Shanghai, the game ends. Or if there isn’t any player who succeeds in hitting the shanghai, the game will end when the last player hits the number 20.

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