How to Play Killer Darts ? Rules, Tips And Tricks

Suppose you are a dart lover and wanted to play a game that involves many people, then killer darts will be just perfect for your group of friends. You might have question about “How to play killer darts?” In your mind. One of the best things about this game is not harmful to you or your group friends. You can say that this game is much similar to the games like a horse in basketball or even a killer played in the pool. As the game killer darts, it’s a plus point that there isn’t any limit of players, so it is just perfect for art lovers. The game’s only goal is the player who will stand till the end will be a winner. All the players will have the same goal to stay until the end and prevent all other players from winning.

How to Play Killer Darts

What is a killer dart?

What is a killer dart game and “How to play killer darts?”  are 2 common queries every beginner dart player asks. The killer is the type of dart game in which players will play against each other, but yes, you can also play the game by teaming up. The game will keep knocking participants until you get the last winner player.

Numbers of players:

3 to 20 participants can play the game at a time, but you will get the best results if you play with 5 to 8 players.

Players of killer darts:

There isn’t any restriction or specification of the age and ability of the players. Infect if the players with various skills and abilities will play, they can increase the fun.

Is the game killer dart difficult?

No, the game is not difficult.

main goal of this game:

The only goal of the game is to get the killer and eliminate every other player.

What is the reason to love the game?

The only reason you fall in love with this game is that it is made for a larger group of people, and it’s different every time you play it.

What will you need to play the game?

To play the game killer dart, you will need a few things, which I have listed below:

The dartboard:

The dartboard with a standard size of 18″ in diameter will be perfect for this game. All the game participants are not of the same level, so you don’t have to deviate the size of the board according to the skill level.

The darts:

always choose the darts of standard size so it will be fair for every single player. 23 grams is the average weight of the darts. By choosing this weight, it will be fair for and comfortable for every player; if you are playing with Youngers, you can switch it with soft-tip darts.


Keeping a score is very important as when playing lots of players, it gets hard to remember every player’s score. Make sure you have something like a pen and copy to write down the progress. At the dart bars, you will find chalk and a chalkboard to write.

How to set up the game killer dart?

Position of the dartboard:

Your dartboard should be 5ft up from the floor.

Dart throwing distance:

The standard distance from throwing a dart is about 7ft and 9inch away from the dartboard. If playing with skillful participants, you can move away and closer to the dartboard to fix the target.

Throwing line:

Mark a line 7ft and 9inch away from the dartboard so you can fix the mark, and this line will work as an oche.

How to play the game killer darts?

Playing killer dart is very simple as you have to follow a few simple steps, which I have listed below:

  • The player will have 3 darts to throw as per turn.
  • Each player will have the aim to throw the dart at his desired number with each throw.
  • You will be scored by spelling the word killer by each throw.
  • After six throws, if you succeed to complete the word killer. You can start eliminating the other players.
  • The aim of other players will be following the same scoring method but is reverse.
  • It will work if the opposite player starts removing the letter of word killer; he can eliminate the other players.
  •  The player who has no letter will be removed from the game.
  • The participant who will last till the end will be the winner.

Rules and gameplay of the killer darts:

The game killer darts take up some time to get successfully set. It’s important to choose a person who will write down the scoring before you start the game. The participants who will get the first chance to throw the dart have a bit advantage that he can decide a complete method. The position to throw the dart remains constant at every throw.

Apart from that, every player should decide what number he/she wants to throw the dart. Make sure that every single participant has a different number before you start to throw the dart. Always throw the dart with a weaker hand. It’s also a rule to ensure that the person writing your score will right the names going down on the left-hand side.

Once you are done with setting up everything, it’s time to begin the game. You have to follow every single rule if you want the game to be successful.


Everyone almost loves the game dart, and even there isn’t any limit or restriction of age or ability. If you want to have answer of “How to play killer darts?”  then give a complete read to this article. The Killer dart is one of the dartboard games in which almost more than 20 players can play at a time.

The only thing you need to start playing killer dart is a dartboard, some darts, and a scoring board. To start the game, place the dart as per the measurement written above and through the darts from a specific distance. Apart from that, there are some rules you have to follow if you want a successful game, like the throwing distance setting up everything, and so on.

Playing the game killer dart is very simple as you have to throw the darts to complete the word killer, and when you are done, you will be considered the winner.

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