Best Soft Tip Dartboards Of 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

Either playing with dartboards is your hobby or profession; you need to practice with multiple dartboards.  The best soft tip dartboards are mostly electronic, and you can enjoy playing without any damage. These are perfect for practicing for all player types. They are useful because they do not put holes in your dartboard, and also, your wall will be safe if you miss the target. The soft tip darts are made up of blunt plastic, and they are easy to use. Soft tip dartboards are also safe for children, and they are harmless .

The soft tip dartboards are for all, either man or woman, even though they are safe for children. These soft tip dartboards are electronic so that you can view your score on LCD. Each dartboard offers multiple games for multiplayer. The best soft tip dartboards are given spare darts in the packaging so you can enjoy them for a long time. These dartboards also serve a wide area, and you can easily aim at your target.

Moreover, the soft tip dartboards are made up of sturdy material, so your wall is secured from any damage. You can also adjust the volume of these dartboards easily according to your taste. You can play with this dartboard all day long without getting bored. The soft tip dartboards are very handy, and you can play with your friends in competition, or you can also practice making your target aim perfect.



We have selected the best 5 soft tip dartboards for you. They are the most versatile game set you can ever have to play in your spare time. The soft tip dartboard is safe for your children if they are roaming around. The best soft tip dartboards are listed below;

1. Rally & Roar Electronic Dart Board with 6 Soft Tip Darts

Are you looking for a versatile soft tip dartboard? Then the “Rally & Roar” is giving you the best versatile dartboards having a soft tip. You can enjoy playing with an electronic dartboard and fun competition. It can also be held with this dartboard. Moreover, you can power it with any external source, such as a battery or adapter.

You can also practice making your target aim perfect with this dartboard. Similarly, this dartboard’s height is very accurate to polish your targeting skills, i.e., 15.5 inches. This is the best soft tip dartboard and a perfect gaming piece for your room. Furthermore, this dartboard is equipped with an electronic scoreboard, and you can have fair play between the competitors.

It has an LCD which shows you the score of each game. Additionally, the scoreboard has a voice system also. Now you can concentrate on your game, and the voice system will update you with the scores accurately. Subsequently, you can play 20 games and 9 players at a time.

Also, 90 options are featured, so you can enjoy your spare time playing with this amazing electronic soft tip dartboard. However, 6 soft electronic dart tips and 24 spare tips are included in the packaging.


  • Steady your aim
  • Versatile dartboards
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • LED lights
  • Ready for the game
  • Complete soft tip dartboards
  • Vivid graphics
  • Not designed for serious players
Finally, the best soft tip dartboard is in the market, and you will love it. This dartboard is easy to operate and play. They also have additional areas to secure your darts and manage them in the electronic dartboard. Furthermore, this is the best soft tip electronic dartboard and a very enjoyable game for adults. This amazing electronic dartboard also offers a warranty of 30 days. Moreover, the voice system on the scoreboard is very great. It helps concentrate on the game, and you don’t need to remember your competitors’ score.

2. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet, 12 Darts LED Display

Do you want an extra-large dartboard for you and your friends? Â The WIN MAX is offering the best, and an extra-large dartboard with 4 people LED display. This dartboard is very convenient, and it can display scores of 4 players at a time. So, you can play non-stop and enjoy the fair play.

Furthermore, this amazing soft tip dartboard gives you 27 games to not get bored and stick to it while playing different games. You can play with 8 friends at a time with no pressure on the dartboard. Additionally, this soft tip dartboard is also offering you 195 options with exciting games so you can play all day long without any frustration or getting bored.

This soft tip dartboard comes with 12 starter soft tip darts, soft tips 40 in total, and user manual, and a power adapter. The WIN.MAX is the best soft tip dartboard 2022. Subsequently, the design of this dartboard is elegant and pure, with a large surface area.

This dartboard also offers an adjustable volume setting; you can adjust volume according to your taste. The adjustment is from 0 to 7, respectively. Altogether, the cabinet is also very immensely designed, and the slots in cabinets are used for securing darts.


  • Adjustable Sound Volume
  • Extra Large 4-Person Led Display
  • Multiple Games List
  • Sturdy ABS cabinet
  • Elegant Design
  • Solo play has 5 levels of game-play
  • Sturdy cabinet
  • Mostly Games Are Boring
Finally, a dartboard with a cabinet is the most demanding play set in the market. Because it offers numerous advantages, you can store your darts in the slots present in the cabinet. And also, the cabinet looks elegant in the room as a delicate decoration piece. Furthermore, the sound system is perfect. You can adjust the sound level accordingly. And also, you can turn off the sound if you are getting annoyed. This is the best soft tip dart and you without worrying about wall damage. It also contains concave holes to prevent the bounce out in every shot.

3. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard Set LCD Display with 12 Darts 100 Tips Power Adopter

Are you looking for a huge number of games supported by any dartboard? So, WIN.MAX is providing 21 exciting games with almost 65 variations. Similarly, the number of players is limited to 4 who can play in pairs or individually as per their taste. Following games are offered by this Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard Set, which is mentioned in the game list below;

  • 301
  • 401
  • 501
  • 601
  • 701
  • 801
  • 901
  • Cricket
  • No-score cricket
  • Scram
  • Killer
  • Football
  • Bowling
  • Double down
  • High score

Furthermore, an LCD is also equipped with this special dartboard, so now you can play non-stop without even having to keep an eye on the scoreboard. The LCD shows the score, and your game will proceed to a fair level.

The dartboard is made up of ultra-thin material to avoid the bounces back and place more scores than another dartboard. It is the best plastic tip dartboard, and 100 tips are included in the packaging. This dartboard’s surface is wide, so it will easily catch your dart and prevent your wall from any damage. Besides all the darts and dartboard is specially designed by the most experienced engineers and gives you the dartboard’s first nest quality.


  • 21 exciting games
  • LCD
  • 100 power adaptors
  • Ultra-thin
  • Wide catch ring
  • Automatic scoring
  • Electronic work well
  • Power supply included
  • Limited Multiplayer options
Lastly, the best soft tip dartboard is produced by WIN.MAX. It is the best dartboard, and you won’t regret buying this set. This dartboard will efficiently fulfill your requirement, and you will not feel bored at any level. The Ultra-thin layer helps make the score, so don’t misunderstand this poor quality dartboard. It does not matter whether you are playing with your competitors or practicing, you will feel live in both situations, and you will enjoy your gameplay the most. It is the most amazing set you will have in your game room.

4. Viper 787 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

This soft tip dartboard named “Viper 787 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is an intelligently designed dartboard with the best game set for you. Firstly, it has concave holes, so your darts will not bounce back and make a high score. This dartboard is designed at a 360° angle to catch the dart when thrown in any direction easily.

Secondly, it is made up of ultra-thin design to increase its durability and safety. The LCD is also equipped with this dartboard to view the score. The scoreboard views the score of 4 players at a time. The LCDs are bright and big, so you can see your score while standing away from it. Furthermore, this game set has 10 buttons to adjust your game breeze, and you can frequently play without any obstruction.

These buttons can also help to switch from one game to another with a simple touch. Moreover, the game list of this electronic dartboard is huge, and you can play a lot of games without getting bored. It is the perfect piece to spend your spare time with. Subsequently, the packing of this dartboard includes;

  • 6 starter darts
  • 24 extra tips
  • instruction manual
  • mounting hardware


  • Intelligently Designed
  • Game Interface
  • Large 4-Player LCD Display
  • It has a long Games List.
  • Ultra-thin
  • Extra soft dart tips
  • High-end features
  • Safe for children
  • Bit Pricey


Finally, this is the best electronic dartboard, and you can get it at a very reasonable price. It has amazing features and exciting games. Almost 16 players can play on this dartboard. And the scoreboard is very accurate. It helps to give a fair score and maintain fair play among the players. Due to the wide LCD, you can view your score even if you are standing far away. This is the best soft tip dartboard. Moreover, the ultra-thin spider design makes this dartboard unique and prevents your wall from damage.

5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 is the best soft tip dartboard. This is the best dartboard, which is durable and long-lasting. Additionally, this dartboard contains 6 darts that are soft tip and also a power converter. This dartboard has a wide surface area of about 15.5 inches and provides a very precise game level.

Furthermore, this dartboard provides enough target area to play almost 31 games on one dartboard without any issue. Although, the 31 games are also bound with approximately 178 variations. It also has a scoreboard that shows the score of each game very accurately and precisely. The scoreboard has 5 colors along with an LCD.

Moreover, this electronic dartboard contains an active scoring window as well. You can easily track all your scores from each game, and the scoreboard will show the X/O window. This dartboard will also cheer up with its heckler feature, and you will never feel down while playing with this dartboard.

Also, it includes two sets of 3 soft tip darts that you can play with easy handling. This dartboard has a 90 days warranty, so if you are not satisfied with this dartboard, you can also return it or exchange it from the store.


  • Durable
  • LCD
  • Multicoloured scoreboard
  • 178 variations
  • 90 days warranty
  • Clear LCD
  • 31 different games to play
  • Flexible player option
  • Average Quality
Lastly, the best soft tip dartboard is Arachnid Cricket Pro 450, as it gives 178 variations along with 31 games. Now you can enjoy playing different games all day long without getting bored. These games are best for everyone, and no age limit is restricted. You can play these games with your friends in pairs or individually. The scoreboard is very precise and gives you fair play. The most important feature in this dartboard is the heckler feature. You can now warm up with this heckler feature and play very well with full spirit.


No doubt the best soft dartboard is the need of almost every other player. Therefore, there are countless queries about these soft tip darts before proceeding to their purchase. We answered a few common questions asked by beginners and pro players. Give a read and clear your ambiguities regarding soft tip dartboards:

What is a soft tip dartboard?

A soft tip dartboard is one that has flexible tips with molded holes on it. These holes help the soft tip to hold on to the point of the dartboard.

What is the best soft tip dartboard?

Having the best soft tip dartboard is the wish of beginner players. The Rally & Roar Electronic Dart Board with 6 Soft Tip Darts” is one of the best soft dartboards with a voice and sound system with LCD scoring.

Can you use soft tip darts on a normal dartboard?

If you want to use soft tip darts, then the bristle dartboards are the best normal dartboards. Soft plastic made darts perfectly hold on to the bristle dartboards as the steel tip, and soft tip darts are almost identical.

What kind of dartboard do pros use?

Professional players use the best dartboards having all features of an ideal dartboard. Such as regulation size bristle dartboard. A durable and steeple-free dartboard affects the performance of the player either playing in-home or in tournaments. 

Can soft tip darts damage walls?

The throwing of dart matters when we talk about wall damage. Soft tip dart comparatively does not damage the wall much than the steel tip darts. Only a little depression will appear on the wall after you throw soft tip darts on it.


While concluding the reviews of all these top 5 best soft tip dartboards, we must say that they are worth buying to spend your spare time with. All of them contain the best features which you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. They are for all players without any age limit is restricted for any dartboard. These dartboards are best for practicing to make your target aim perfect. And you can also play with your competitors and achieve high goals. But if you are still undecided about which one to go with? Then for your ease, we picked these top two. The best soft tip dartboards out of the top 2 are;

  • Rally & Roar Electronic Dart Board with 6 Soft Tip Darts,
  • WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet

We assure you these 2 top picked dartboards will satisfy your needs because these have high features and popular among pro players.

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