Best Magnetic Dart Boards in 2022 – Reviewed in Detail

Are you a parent that wants a fun game for their children? Are you searching for the best magnetic dartboards for your child’s playroom that give a lot of joy to your kids?

When you will buy a magnetic dartboard your kid will learn many things from it like coordination, addition, and straight throw. Moreover, your kid will do a lot of practice on it alone, with friends, family, and siblings. Because it is a simple and traditional family night game and set-up in few minutes.

Thus it is a difficult task to keep your child active in this technology era when every child wants to spend time playing the game on computers and tablets. Further, it gives all the real dartboard joy in child-friendly packaging.

So, this fun game magnetic dartboards is specially designed for kids of age above 5 has magnetic darts that easily stick to the board. Hence children enjoy and like to play darts in their free time. Therefore numbers are designed in a way that increases accuracy. Moreover, the majority of dartboards are designed for indoor use only because dartboards are made up of durable metal materials if remain in the outdoor area metal decompose due to moisture, heat, and radiations.

Furthermore, it increases the kid’s eye-hand coordination, offers indoor fun, and lessens frustration. Moreover, it is safe for kids and furniture with flat and blunt magnetic tips rather than pointed ones.

1. GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dartboard


Dimensions: Hence besides the graphics dimension of Giggle N Go also very nice. So, its length, weight, and height are 17.2 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches respectively. Further, it can be rolled up easily and reversible. Therefore, it is a good magnetic dartboard.

GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dartboard

Dual-Sided: Thus it is the best magnetic dartboard because children can enjoy the fun game from both sides. Hence have many sticky darts with the board. Further, the weight of the dart, magnetic adhering capacity, and its enduring design make Giggle N Go an outstanding, and reliable fun kit for your children.

Attractive Colors: Hence Giggle N Go magnetic dartboard is made up of two vibrant and attractive colors. So, it gives you double pleasure because the double shade is present in a single dartboard. Moreover, it has excellent graphics and durable. Further, your children enjoy it a lot because they can use both front and backside for the game. Furthermore available in a monster color theme.

Handle Easily: Thus this dartboard is made up of the best quality of lightweight materials. Hence you can easily move this dartboard around the house. Further, it can easily hang on any wall like a picture frame.

Affordable: Moreover, this fun game that has many outshining features is available in an affordable range in the market.

Additional Features

Hidden Benefits: Furthermore, these best dartboards have many hidden benefits. Because your kid can learn a lot from it like counting and adding. Thus you can do much practice on it which is a plus point.

Long-Lasting: So, it is the best magnetic indoor dartboard and long-lasting. Because this dartboard is designed very classy and available in very attractive appearance or packaging. It is best for kids of age above 5.

Balanced Set: Hence this magnetic dartboard has two absolute balanced sets. Further, have neodymium darts for children.

Holes-Free: Hence, sharp and pointed darts create holes in the wall. So, this magnetic dartboard is safe and causes no hole in the wall. Thus children love to play on this wonderful fun kit.

Warranty: Hence Giggle N Go magnetic dartboard is available with one year of warranty. Because our main purpose is the buyer’s satisfaction. Thus people like the features and buy the affordable fun kit for their kids.

  • Elegant packaging
  • Strong adhering capacity
  • Two absolute balanced sets
  • Durable design.
  • Insignificant colors variety
  • Not good for outdoor play

2. Doinkit Darts kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dartboard


Enduring Synthesis: Thus Doinkit darts is the best indoor magnetic dartboard. Moreover, it has characters of real dartboard like same in size, appearance, and targets. Further N35 rare magnets are used in its synthesis. Furthermore, then it is combined with lightweight and enduring Doinkit materials that make the dartboard super classy.

Doinkit Darts kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dartboard

Adjustable Hook: Moreover, it is available with an adjustable hook on its back. So, it can easily be hanged on the small nails in your children’s room. Thus your child can play alone and learn more. Hence, it is safe for your children to play the game with friends and siblings.

Family Fun Kit: Hence Doinkit magnetic dartboard is made up of enduring materials. Thus, it is the best gaming kit for family game nights. Moreover, the whole family enjoys the game because it is safe. Further parents are happy to use this kit because it teaches coordination to their kids. Furthermore, parents will free from kids and furniture tension.

Absolutes Darts: Hence Doinkit kit contains six absolute darts that are very light and look like BULLSEYE. Moreover, its design does not harm the animals, furniture, and kids. Further, it remains straight during flight. Furthermore strong magnets are attached inside so, that it adheres to the board quickly in every flight.

Additional Features

Definite Flight: Thus N35 neodymium magnets remain absolute their tips always remain intact. So, that these magnets do not lose their magnetic strength. Hence the darts’ flight is everlasting. Moreover, you enjoy each throw whenever kids through a dart it will move straight.

Classical Design: Hence Doinkit classical design is best for dartboard games. Moreover, the magnetic dartboard has all the features of the traditional dartboard.

Durable Dartboard: Hence this dartboard is made with durable materials. So, it is very strong and remains intact for a long time. Further, it is 16 inches board and has a larger surface area for the darts. Furthermore has 6 magnetic darts of two different colors. Moreover, it can be an ideal choice for a playroom, children’s playroom, dorm, and also outside games. Thus children with above year and adults also play with it.

Easy to Hang: Moreover, this magnetic dartboard has two adjustable slots located at the back of the dartboard for easy installation. Thus with the help of a hook, it can easily hang to any wall like a photo frame.

  • Accurate flight
  • Sturdy and Light
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Deflected Magnets
  • Thin

3. Toysmith Magnetic Dartboard


Quality-Materials: Thus this magnetic dartboard is made up of the highest-quality fabric or steel material. Thus it is designed in a way that has steel or metal at the center for attraction and the frame is made up of plastic.

Toysmith Magnetic Dartboard

Light-weight: Thus the weight of the Toysmith magnetics dartboard distinguishes it from other dartboards. Because its weight is less than one pound makes it the best magnetic dartboard. Hence it can be parents’ best choice because it lights to lift for kids also.

Striking Colors: Moreover, the Toysmith magnetics dartboard has striking colors just like traditional bristle dartboard. Hence it has an extra replacement darts’ set for family and friends. Thus darts are available in two different colors.

Additional Features

Unique Appearance: Hence this magnetic dartboard design like an actual bristle dartboard. Thus many other dartboards also try to copy the look but failed. But this dartboard looks like a Sisal magnet that makes it unique.

Targeted Area: Moreover, this dartboard has a very small targeted area. Thus it has 11.5 inches targeted face diameter which makes it a standard choice for the parents. Further parents like it because it is very safe for kids and easily hang in the kid’s playroom.

Keyhole Slots: Hence this magnetic dartboard has slots for hanging in the back of the board. Thus board will easily mount to the wall and not destroy the wall or furniture.

Roll-Up Dartboard: Thus this is a roll-up dartboard impart with material like metal, velvet, steel, and rubber. Hence the dartboard is set up or installed very quickly. Moreover, it can easily hang on the doorknob and kids like to play on it.

  • Mini target face
  • Very light-weight
  • Affordable range
  • Bad for outdoor
  • Sometimes dangerous

4. RoboSky Magnetic Dartboard


Dimensions: Thus RoboSky is a good magnetic dartboard due to its excellent dimensions. Hence its diameter is 15 x 17 inches because it is 17 inches in length and 15 inches broad. Moreover, the target face of this magnetic dartboard is 11.6 inches.

RoboSky Magnetic Dartboard

Easy to Use: Hence the RoboSky magnetic dartboard has key slots in the backside. So, that set-up very easily just in few minutes. Moreover, it can easily adhere to the wall and doesn’t cause any damage.

Small Size: Moreover, this dartboard is of smaller size as compared to other common, electronic, and traditional dartboards. So, this feature makes it unique. Further parents like it because of its size for kids’ room. Furthermore, little kits enjoy a lot while play darts on this small unique magnetic dartboard.

Good for Gifts: Further, it is a good gift for the kids of 6 years and above. Because it is the source of good kids’ entertainment. Moreover, it is ideal for productive kids and adults as well. Thus it is good for indoor and outdoor use.

Additional Features

More Darts: Moreover traditional, common, and electronic dartboards available with only six darts. Therefore RoboSky magnetic dartboard has amazing 12 colorful darts. Thus 12 darts make it remarkable and it will attract a huge targeted audience. Further parents will like this fun kit because of additional darts for more practice.

Appealing Guarantee: Moreover, RoboSky has an appealing money-back guarantee offer. Thus we work for your satisfaction. Further, if you find any issue with the dartboard we will replace it. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied in one month we will return your money to you.

Rolling Dartboard: Hence its roll-up feature makes it distinct because it can be taken to any place. Thus made up of the highest quality of light fabric material. Moreover, people will take it to the hang-out, outdoor picnic, and indoor activities. Therefore it can be hanged on any alleviation. Furthermore, it has strong magnets but it is very different in appearance from a traditional magnetic dartboard.

  • Highest-quality synthesis
  • Dual-sided play
  • Roll-up dartboard.
  • Best for both Outdoor and Indoor.
  • Does Not have traditional appearance.

5. Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid Dartboard


Light-Up Magnetic Dartboard: Hence it is the very first light-up magnetic dartboard. Moreover, it is ideal for both children and adults. Thus the synthesis of dartboard is the same but has board enlighten with the help of latest LED lights. A further cool option for room decoration and playing purpose. So, it is light-up with AAA batteries or a USB connection.

Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid Dartboard

Perfect Gift: Moreover, a light-up magnetic dartboard is a perfect gift given to people of all age groups. Thus it will mesmerize the people due to its shining feature. Then it will be ideal for the bedroom, playroom, dorm, and kids’ room.

Warranty: Thus for satisfaction, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. Hence if you do not like this dartboard you can claim it within a month. So, you will receive your money back. Moreover, if you want we will provide you another set for free in case of any problem occur with the dartboard.

Additional Features:

Standard Material: Hence light-up dartboard is made up of the highest-quality metal material. Thus its frame or outlier is made up of plastic. Further, it is engineered in a way to look like a common bristle magnetic dartboard. Furthermore, give a realistic experience of the actual dartboard to kids and adults.

Latest Darts: Moreover, darts of light-up dartboard also have small LED lights in it that will glow in the dark. Thus these darts are available with enhanced features like is secure for kids, furniture, walls, and pets. Furthermore, these darts are made with accurate neodymium magnets that will assure straight flight.

Accessories: Thus this fun kit is available in excellent packaging that is mesmerizing. Moreover kit is consist of the light-up board that is 14 inch in diameter and 6 colorful darts in which 3 are blue and 3 are red. The further kit also consists of many accessories like a USB for charging, AAA batteries, and a scoring chart. So, also has a USB cable for connection with the power outlet.

  • Durable
  • Ornamental.
  • Best for Long Term
  • Latest illuminated Model
  • Lavish packaging
  • AAA batteries are absent
  • Sometimes noisy

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the best magnetic dartboard?

GIGGLE N GO magnetic dartboard is the best magnetic dartboard because it can be a good gift for both boys and girls. It can set up in few minutes easily. Moreover, it is the best magnetic dartboard of 2022.

How do you make a magnetic dartboard?

You can make a magnetic dartboard by:

  • Make sure that the dart completely adheres to the target.
  • Then join small bolts at the cylinder’s end.
  • Take aggregation of ring magnets and load cylinder to it and then attach bolts.
  • Then press the magnetic and enjoy the new game.

How thick should cork board be for darts?

A cork dartboard should be one inch thick. Because it is designed with an ideal thickness that provides excellent protection. It also protects the dart’s tip from destruction.

Is it bad to leave darts in a dartboard?

Yes, it is bad to leave darts in a dartboard for a long-time. Hence if you leave darts for a long-time can cause moisture, dryness, and deformations in the board. Further, it can damage the board.

Where do you hang a dartboard?

You can directly hang the dartboard on the wall or can hang it inside the cupboards. But it must be 173 cm above the ground.


Thus in the last, we are going to conclude the discussion with our final words. So above we have discussed the all features, pros, and cons of top magnetic dartboards. Moreover, magnetic dartboards discussed above have many outstanding features like dual-sided play, durable synthesis, easy to install, 6 to 12 magnetic darts, secure device, best for indoors, and fun for children.

Further, we are much satisfied that you have got the idea about an excellent dartboardfor your child. Furthermore, we believe that there is one magnetic dartboard surely present that meets your need. Then you will be able to give fun surprises to your kids.

Our Recommendations

We have done many experiments on the dozens of best magnetic dartboards. Thus we will like to recommend you Giggle N Go and Doinkit magnetic dartboards due to their outshining features and affordable range.

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