Best Dart Board to Buy in 2022 – Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

If you are looking for a sport that can also be played indoors, which is safe and competitive, you have hit the bullseye because Darts is what you want. Unlike other indoor games that get boring after some time, Darts is always engaging and exciting.

The Best dartboards is an indoor target sport which more than two persons can play. The players are given sharp-pointed missile-like airborne weapons that are meant to be thrown on a round board (dartboard). The dartboard is divided into different circular areas for scoring points.

Darts is played all over the world and is a great game to engage yourself and your peers. You can get different dartboard sets online with various modifications. It is a great way to overcome boredom without leaving your room. It is easy to set and covers minimum space on your wall. It comes with enough darts and usually includes a scoreboard to track your scores.

Dartboards come in all sizes and modifications and have evolved over the period in terms of safety, appearance, and versatility. This article will let you select the best dartboard according to your need.

Best Dartboards Detailed Reviews

Best Dartboard

I am going to give a detailed review of the top 10 dartboards that I categorized best among all. It will provide benefits to the user, so before buying dartboard, you can read the article and choose accordingly.

1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard Best Bang for Buck

Winmau dartboard is one of the best dartboard companies available. It is one of the most popular options available in the market. The Blade 5 model comes into the market with the British Endorsement. This is a high-quality board with a spider wire that is 14% thinner that not only increased the scoring area but also the player has fewer chances of deflection away from the board.


Despite this triple wheel lock and level system brings ease in mount back the board in a variety of areas. In simple words, it is easy to mount back to any wall. For the separation on the board, a razor wire is used that is much thinner from the last model. Else than this, they have used Carbon Diffusion technology for the bullseye ring that is 20% more strong.


  •  Rota-Lock, triple wheel lock-and-level system
  • perfect radial alignment and levelling enabling easy rotation to increase the life of the board.
  • next generation of game-changing performance
  • 14% thinner spider wire
  • Triple wheel lock system
  • Mount back on any surface
  • Carbon diffusion technology included
  • Drilled holes to mount it back
  • A bit costly as compared to other dartboard

2. TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard

Winmau and other brands available in the market are a bit costly, so as compared to them, the TG champion is quite cheaper and also good enough for personal use. It is approximately half the price of a branded and a dartboard that is used for the tournament.

This board also comes up with an extra slim spider wire. The thicker, separated wire, the more players get frustrated every time they hit the wire.

The TG champion provides the bristle dartboard that is made up of sisal fibers that are also self-healing. One of the best things about this dartboard is a player can use both steel and soft tip darts. One can easily mount back this dartboard as well.


  •  High-Quality Sisal Repair
  • Cross-Capitable Board
  • Official Tournament Level Design
  • Ultra Slim Spider Wire
  • Steel and soft tip darts can be used
  • Slim spider wire
  • Players can score maximize with bristle dartboard
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not stable bullseye as it is hard to stick on
  • Not extra-ordinary in quality

3. Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart Board with Staple-Free Bullseye Good Value

The viper shot king is considered as one of the best buying dartboards according to online reviews. The spider is not attached to this board, as it is often not available with the dartboards of this price range. The section separation wires are reasonably thin but not as thin as it must be. But for such type of board, spider wire is normal.

The bristles of the board are available in good quality to provide a good quality experience in gaming and quickly closes when the player pulls the darts. The wire is brightly colored, so one can easily make the difference in the separation. It is a pretty good board available in this price range that is budget-friendly. This is pretty much similar to the TG champion dartboards.


  • Staple-free bullseye 
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Rounded galvanized wires
  • Tournament size dartboard,
  • Good board according to price
  • Colored wires for the separation
  • Staple free bullseye board
  • Wires are not reasonably thin
  • Ring issues

4. Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle – Best Cabinet Dartboard

If you really want to spend your money on buying a really good quality dartboard, then Viper dartboard worth spending extra money on. If you are aiming to score, you need to just focus on the center of the board, but may you find a lot of frustration because of the design of the dartboard. The price is all about the cabinet that is available with the board that makes it look beautiful.

The dark wood cabinet looks beautiful, even if closed. Further, the reviewers said that they like the dark storage spots in the main portion of it. It also comes up with a cricket scoring table on the right flap that is helpful in playing. Players able to fit in 32 darts at a time, so don’t need to worry about compatibility. You can also replace the spider wire that thinner than the available one.


  • Crafted with solid pine 
  • Fitted with 2 compact door stoppers
  • Open dimensions
  • Includes dry erase scoreboard, out-chart board, dry erase marker and mounting hardware
  • Good board according to price
  • Colored wires for the separation
  • Staple free bullseye board
  • Wires are soft, that bounce back the dart
  • Wires are thin

5. Viper League Pro Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard with Staple-Free Bullseye and Cricket Scoreboard – Safe Choice

The Viper league pro is said to be a bit improved model of The Viper. The spider wire in this dartboard is thinner than the previous version, so fewer chances of bounce backing of the shot. The sisal fibers of this board are high in quality and tightly packed though the fibers are painted instead of dyed. So, there are fewer chances of damaging the board even if the player plays continuously for six hours on the viper league pro board.

The board is good in quality and also best to buy for the players that are pro and of intermediate level. Another best part about this dartboard is that it can take steel and soft-tipped darts. Both work equally well on the surface.


  • Compression Ring System
  • Tri-Color Screen Printing
  • Radial Sector Wire
  • Cross Compatibility
  • Thinner spider wire
  • Painted sisal fibers that are also high quality
  • Cross platform advantage is available with both steel & soft tipped darts.
  • It has still radical sector wire that is triangular
  • Sisal fibers are tightly packed

6. Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid Best Electronic Dart Board

While many of us are true fans of traditional darts but still many, electronic dartboards took the place of classic ones. The Cricket Pro 900 is one of the best electronic dartboards available in the market that is rated five stars by customers.

The things that are loved by this electronic dartboard are it comes with super-thin dividers and is provided with the best NylonTough material. On the gaming side, I am shocked by the accurate score keeping feature of this dartboard. You can also use the board to play with eight players and can get the score as of four teams. It comes up with further 48 different games that don’t let your guest get bored.

Now talk about the most favorite feature of the electronic dartboard, i.e., heckler that basically dartboard talked to the players. Whether the player is missing many shots, it will congratulate you on a nice shot. In short, even if an individual playing it, the dartboard keeps the fun up. Overall, its a solid addition to any home, office, game room, and even bar.

  • Heckler feature
  • 8 people can play at a time
  • Audio features have a volume control
  • Accurate scoring
  • Darts quality is not much perfect
  • No mounting hardware

7. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set Best Quality Board

If you are looking for the best quality dartboard, then you must get your hands on the Barrington Collection dartboard. It is highly recommended for the players who are looking up for quality dartboard. They claim to come up with grade sisal that feels less dense than other boards. This sisal makes dart to stick on the wall easily.

This dartboard also comes up with a cabinet that is sleekly designed with five different customization options that are made up of basswood veneer. One of the main thing that I personally like about this dartboard is it comes up with LED lights that highlight the craftsmanship and also improve the game play. Mounting the dartboard on the wall is super easy. Everything that is needed to mount it back is included with the pack.


  • official pro indoor dartboard
  • modern hanging cabinets
  • traditional accessories included
  • genuine, novelty appearance
  • lightweight & rustic design
  • A grade sisal available
  • Easy mounting
  • It easily get stick to wall
  • It is one of the highest quality dartboard available
  • Five different customization options make confusion
  • LED lights sharp sometimes

8. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard Review

Arachnid dartboard is unique and especially for the players who don’t want to hand the dartboard. It is a beautiful electric dartboard that is large in size with 51.8 x 26.5 x 5.5 inches dimension. This is a solid cherry finished cabinet style dartboard is considered as best dart for tournaments that fit in club and houses.

Arachnid dartboard comes with a cabinet that has convenient storage with three shelves and also a storage area that is best to store all dart accessories. You can put this dartboard in the drawing area because it is beautifully designed and used as decoration as well. Besides this, the players can also get 39 games options and 180 options with the addition of 5 cricket games. Eight people can play at a time on this dartboard, and the score of 8 people also display with accurate scoring.


  • 8-player cricket with 24 games and 132 options
  • 5 Cricket games
  • 8-player score display
  • Micro-thin segment dividers
  • Voice prompt 
  • Beautiful display
  • 39 game with 180 option and 6 cricket games available
  • Convenient storage to store dart accessories
  • 8 people can play together at a time
  • Assembling of dartboard cabinet is tough
  • The quality of cabinet is not so good

9. Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set Review

Barrington is one of the best brands in the manufacturing of high-quality dartboard. It is famous because of its quality. A 17.5 inches professional dartboard is made up of sisal fiber that has the properties of minimal damage.

Barrington dartboard also comes along with a cabinet that is made up of very high-quality wood. Cabinet doors can’t be slammed because compact door stoppers prevent it. Mounting this dartboard is easy as it comes up with a strong mount joint that will keep it in the right place.

All accessories that are needed to set up the dartboard are available with the dartboard box. Players will also get six steel tip and 6 flight darts with the dartboard. One of the amazing features that are not provided by any other product is that you will get an amazing dartboard design other than this one. This classic dartboard looks amazing in clubs, gaming rooms, and also in houses.

  • Quality Material Used
  • Classic look
  • Available with cabinet
  • Doesn’t have sufficient storage
  • Bit expensive to buy for personal use

10. DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set Best Tournament Dart Board

DMI Sports, as the name, shows it is one of the best dartboards that is also known as the best tournament dartboard. It is available with a cabinet set. It comes up with a finishing construction and deluxe that holds two sets of darts. It also comes up with an eighteen and a half-inch bristle dartboard. It also includes replaceable chalk scoreboards inside each door. 

This dartboard has a feature that can easily get hided when not in use and also protects the wall from stray darts. It is easy to mount this dartboard back to the wall because it comes with mounting hardware. You just need a screwdriver and a drill. Darts are made up of steel tip, and the doors of the cabinet are like of thin cupboard that is not made up of very good quality wood and chances of easy breakage.


  • Available in light color
  • 2 sets of darts
  • Replaceable chalk scoreboard
  • Include Electronic Scorer
  • Cherry finish
  • Super easy to mount
  • Looks hidden when closed
  • Excellent choice in terms of price
  • Cabinet quality is not good
  • Some customers complaint about poor quality wires

Tips to Consider Before Buying Best Dartboard in 2022

Before buying the best one for yourself, you must consider these points in your mind and make sure to follow them as well. It will lead you in finding the best dartboard.

Considering the type of dartboard

Before buying the best one, you must know the types of dartboards available. Below I am sharing the types of dartboards.

  • Wooden dartboards
  • Cork dart boards
  • Coiled paper dartboards
  • Bristle dartboards

You should know that these dartboards are available in the market. The wooden dartboards are specifically available because they are now outdated and said to be not reliable, while cork dartboards are available and loved by many customers because they stick easily and easy to play on it. Consider which type suits you and buy the dartboard accordingly.


Before buying a dartboard or any other product, the budget is the key point that every buyer needs to keep in mind. Don’t go for high-end dartboards unless you badly need it, like in clubs, etc. For personal use, I recommend my users buy a dartboard that is reviewed positively by the customers and also budget-friendly.

Size & Portable

There are many dartboards available that only could be fixed, so make sure to buy the one that is portable and that one can take along with themselves anywhere anytime. The size matters if you want to buy it for personal use. I recommend buying small size dartboard for personal use that can also be kept in the living room.


To enjoy the game, one should have the best quality material. The material of the board plays an important factor while playing the game. The life of a dartboard is totally depended on the material of the board. Like if you buy a coiled paper board it is not reliable and it will affect the fun of game.

The maintenance of the board is also dependent on the material of board. Wooden dartboards are very tough to maintain while bristle dartboards that are also used in tournaments don’t need special care and maintenance.

Density & Depth of Board

Before buying dartboard make sure to check the depth and density of the board because if it is not of good frequency, the dart will bounce every time you hit the board. Usually a depth of 1.5 inches is good for a best dartboard. Bristle dartboards are famous because tons of bristles available in the board which makes it denser and reliable.

Types of Dartboard

There are five dartboard types. One should buy accordingly.

  • Bristle dartboard
  • Coiled paper dartboards
  • Magnetic dartboards
  • Wooden Dartboards
  • Cork Dartboards

Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dartboards are the common type of dartboard available in the market. This is basically made up of many bristles; that’s why it is known as bristle dartboard. This board is mostly used in tournaments. It is basically imported from Africa.

People also prefer to buy bristle dartboards because they don’t need frequent maintenance and also don’t need to clean it regularly. When a dart hits in other types of dartboards, it leaves a hole, but in bristle dartboard, the hole is filled automatically because of thousands of bristles stuffed.

Coiled Paper Dartboards

If you are a beginner and want to buy a dartboard that is cheap as well, then a coiled paper dartboard is one of them. Coiled paper dartboards are made up of wound paper from steel and come with a plastic frame. The material used is not reliable; that’s why it is cheap. This dartboard is not long-lasting and also leave holes in the board with every dart hit. These dartboards are mostly bought for kids and also for beginners.

Magnetic Dartboards

Magnetic dartboards are different, and it’s fun to play on. These boards are best for serious players but not recommended for professional use like in tournaments. No need to do any kind of piercing with this board as the back of the magnetic dartboards are made up of the magnet.

It sticks easily. The darts are magnetic, so they are also safe for playing during house parties, and the other main feature is its reasonable price. The only drawback about magnetic dartboards is that after sometimes of usage, the darts lose their magnetic charge that makes the dartboard useless.

Wooden Dartboards

The classic wooden dartboards are not in use now because electronic and bristle dartboards take place. Wooden dartboards need daily maintenance include moisturizing and cleans up. Also, they are not durable because the wood starts cracking after a couple of use. A specific smell comes out of the wood that is irritating, and it also ruins the fun of playing. Wooden dartboards are expensive compared to electronic and bristle ones. Still, if someone loves to buy traditional things can buy wooden dartboards.

Cork Dartboards

Cork and bristle dartboards confuse many buyers. But these two are totally different. You can understand by the name, the cork dartboards are made up of cork, but they are not as better as the bristle dartboards. Cork dartboards are far better than paper and wooden ones. They are preferable for beginners, and no daily maintenance required for such dartboards.

FAQs Related to Best Dartboards of 2022

Which type of dartboards use by pros?

Pro players used the bristle dartboards. Bristle dartboards are the only type of dartboards that last longer and also give an accuracy of scores to the pro players. By the way, here is the list of top best dartboards which are used by pros in 2022

  • Winmau Blade 5 – Best Bang for Buck.
  • TG Champion“ Best Cheap Dart Board
  • Viper Shot King – Good Value.
  • Viper Hudson – Best Cabinet Dartboard.
  • Viper League Pro – Safe Choice.

Which company makes the best darts?

  • Harrows
  • Unicorn
  • Target
  • Voks
  • Arachnid
  • Nodor
  • Widdy Darts

Which cabinet is considered as best dartboard cabinet?

  • Dartboard Cabinets Comparison Chart
  • Trademark Gameroom Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard
  • Imperial NFL Dartboard Cabinet
  • Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • DMI Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set

What dart weight do pros use?

Some of the main factors that should be considered before buying a dartboard are:

  • Bristle Dartboard.
  • Bladed Dartboard Wiring.
  • Removable Number Ring.
  • The Dartboard Edge.
  • The Ink Used to Color the Dartboard.
  • Staple-Free Wiring and Bullseye.
  • Dartboard Accessories.
  • Wall Bracket.

What should be looked at when you go to buy a dartboard?

  • Pro dart players use 22 grams dart weight on average.
  • The heavier a dart is, the straighter it will fly when thrown.
  • 22 grams dart is easy to hold and also it will on achieve the target easily.

Who is the no. 1 dart player?

Michael van Gerwen is no.1 dart player.

Why it is important to buy right dartboard?

If you are a beginner or a pro dartboard player, you can easily find the difference between playing on a quality dartboard and also on a low-quality dartboard. The fun of playing dartboard totally depends on the board which you play. If you buy a poor quality dartboard, you will have to face the bouncing issue that will ruin your enjoyment. This is why buying the best quality dartboard is very important.

You will also have to find which kind of player you are, if you are a beginner, you can buy the cheap dartboard to practice, and if you are a pro, I recommend you to buy a good quality dartboard. For serious and pro players, bristle dartboards are best to buy because of their best quality and reliability.

Mini Guide to setup your Dartboard

Many dartboards available in the market that don’t need a special setup to hang and mostly come up with an easy mounting back setup. But, still many dartboards available that need special care and also a guide to mount them. Note: People like the dartboards that are available with all mounting accessories. Hanging the dartboard looks easy, but it is not as simple as it looks.

Before setting up the dartboard, make sure that it is against a strong wall. Don’t put a dartboard in front of the window. The ideal height of hanging the dartboard is 5.8 inches. Make sure to mark the height with a marker on the wall because the wrong choice of height can lead to a bad experience of playing the game. The second most important thing I want to share with you makes sure to protect the wall with a dartboard backboard, dartboard cabinet, or a wooden dartboard.

The size of the protection must be 4/4 feet at least. So, it can protect the wall and dart from any miss-shoot. Screw the dartboard with four or more screws from the center of the wall. You can now play the game on dartboard without damaging the floor and wall.

Best Darts for you

Many players get the dartboard in good quality, but when it comes to the best darts. There are different types of darts available some come up with soft tip, some with steel, and some magnetic. Many brands aim to provide the best darts. All pro players use Tungsten darts; they are reliable and good in quality. 5 of the best darts available are:

  • Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten – The Best High-End Darts.
  • CyeeLife Steel-Tip Darts – The Cheapest Darts on the List.
  • Agirlgle Iron NON-SLIP Darts – The Best Iron Darts.
  • RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten – The Best Cheap Tungsten Darts.

Best Electronic Dartboard to Buy

Electronic dartboards are the modern dartboards that provide accurate scores as well allows eight persons or more to play once, and all eight players get the accurate score result. They are expensive as compared to classic ones, but the display and the reliability are amazing. Many brands provide the best electronic dartboard to the players. Electronic dartboards are mostly used by pro players. I personally don’t recommend the buyers to buy electronic dartboard because they are expensive. The best electronic dartboard is listed below.

  • Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard
  • WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard
  • Bull shooter Dartboard

Dartboards for Bars

Many brands provide the special dartboards for bars. They are specifically manufactured by keeping in mind about sustainability, reliability and quality. In bars playing dartboard is consider as one of the fun activity. Many people play in groups, so bristle dartboard with steep tipped darts are commonly used, though some love to play with soft tipped as well. Bristle dartboards are strongly recommended by professionals to be used in bars and also they are very good in quality as compared to wooden and paper coiled dartboards. 5 best dartboards for bars are:

  • Shelti Eye 2 Coin Operated Electronic Dart Board
  • Arachnid Cricket Pro 650
  • Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Edition Dartboard
  • Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
  • Coin Operated Electronic Dart Machine by Taking Aim Dart

Best Dartboard Cabinet

Dartboard cabinets are not for show. Owning a dartboard cabinet has many benefits. That’s why players need to buy the best dartboard cabinet along with dartboards. The cabinets can easily protect your dartboard as a scoreboard and are also used for securing the accessories of a dartboard. If you want your dartboard corner to look beautiful even if not in use, then the cabinet plays an important role. The player can save up the darts and also make sure that it gives a good look to the dartboard. Several best dartboard cabinets are available in the market. One of the best dartboard cabinets available in the market are as follows:

  • Dartboard Cabinets Comparison Chart
  • Trademark Game room Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard
  • Imperial NFL Dartboard Cabinet
  • Barrington Collection Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • DMI Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set

What is the best dartboard for outside?

The best dartboard for outside is easily available by many brands. The best part of outside dartboards is that they are very easy to mount and to hang it somewhere. Many special dartboards are available that are specifically used outside, but it is advised not to leave the board after you are done with the game. Many dartboards that are available for outside also the bristle dartboards because they are reliable and perfect for pro players. 5 of the best dartboard for outside are as follows:

  • Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard
  • Best choice of an electronic dartboard.
  • Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard
  • Yuham Magnetic Dart Board.
  • Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

I also recommend the players buy a dartboard cabinet along with the outside dartboard. It will protect the dartboard from dust and also gives space for saving the accessories like darts etc.

6 Tips to get the best dartboard for yourself

 Here I am providing some tips on behalf of my experience. Buying a dartboard seems easy, but it is complicated as there are no products available in the market, and every brand claims that they are providing the best one. In this condition, you should learn some tips to buy the best one for you.

  1. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to go for Paper coiled dartboard and cork dartboards because it’s cheap and also good for the beginners because it doesn’t need frequent maintenance.
  2. For pro players, Bristle dartboards are best. Though they are costly as compared to other types. But they are very good in quality and also reliable.
  3. Buying the dartboard cabinet not only saves the dartboard from dust and makes its display looks amazing even when you are not playing but also providing a safe place for the dartboard accessories.
  4. Buy dartboard according to the place. Specific dartboards for the club, home, and also outside are available by brands. They are specifically manufactured by keeping in mind the use of it.
  5. Always buy dartboard by reviewing the customer reviews and also try to buy from an authentic site like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Make sure to read the reviews carefully and also the return policy of the product.
  6. Steel tipped, soft-tipped, and magnetic tipped darts are available. Many people like to play with steel-tipped darts because they think that they are more reliable. Magnetic tipped darts are not reliable. With the passage of time, the magnet doesn’t work well.



The best dartboard is available in the market by different brands. One can choose the best one according to their needs and budget. The best dartboard type is Bristle Dartboard. It is one of the most reliable and compact dartboards available. It is specially used in tournaments and also it is used in clubs and homes. Pro players mostly prefer bristle dartboards to play.

The beginners don’t need to go for expensive dartboards; dartboard cabinets are available that not only give the dartboard a beautiful look but also protect it from dust and gives storage to save up the dartboard accessories like darts etc. Wooden dartboards are considered as old ones. Most people now prefer to buy electronic dartboard because it gives accurate results and also allows eight persons to play at a time.

The dartboard is a fun game, and quality matters. Some dartboards are not good in quality that also spoiled the game. If you are a pro player, I prefer you to go for good quality dartboard and especially consider a bristle dartboard. Wooden dartboards are classic ones, but now people don’t use it anymore because they require extra maintenance and also want special are. Electronic dartboards are latest and loved by players because it shows the exact score and at a time many players can play. I reviewed the ten best dartboards. I hope it will help you out in finding your best one.

You can easily check out the list of dartboards explained above and you can also check its customer reviews. I picked the top ones for you. I hope it is helpful, and if you use any of the dartboard reviewed above. Don’t hesitate to share your genuine reviews with all of us.

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