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Best Bluetooth Dartboards of 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Searching for the best Bluetooth dartboards 2021 is not a big deal now! I have researched some of these remarkable dartboards for you to choose from anyone out of them. Technology is heading towards another level.

Moreover, technology has surprisingly changed how things work these days. No one will believe it, but smart technology is not even built in the dartboards. Isn’t that surprising?

You can get great exposure through these dartboards. You can do a lot with a dartboard once you get your hands on these Bluetooth dartboards.

Best Bluetooth Dartboards of 2021

    • Manufacturer : Hammacher Schlemmer
    • ASIN : B0018D69TE
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    • Manufacturer : Gran Board
    • ASIN : B07DQRF6QX
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    • Manufacturer : GRAN DARTS
    • ASIN : B012M0P0GE
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    • Manufacturer : Viper
    • ASIN : B01G1XA2C0
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Best Bluetooth Dartboards

There are several things that you can do with the Bluetooth dartboards, and they are as follows:

  1. Play more and more games
  2. You can get the exact results of your games
  3. Also, you can easily track your game and score high.

There are many reasons for choosing a dartboard with advanced technology. So, let’s give a read to these 4 top notch dartboards with smart technology.

1.Hammacher Schlemmer-Best Electronic Bluetooth Dartboard

I have used many dartboards, but this one has grabbed my heart. It is due to its aesthetics, performance, and versatility. I adore this dartboard’s size as it has some extra edges on the sides that make this dartboard more amazing.


Furthermore, the most incredible thing about this dartboard is its sides as they are square-shaped, which makes this dartboard look more good-looking.

LED lights

Importantly, I am in love with the lights it sheds while I play the game in low lights. The LED feature is the most incredible. However, this dartboard has everything an avid dartboard player need. Besides that, I loved how easy it was to access the app through Bluetooth easily.

Different methods to power the device

Additionally, I have used several methods to power the device. Apart from that, the most astonishing fact about this dartboard is that the dartboard does not get damaged when the dart hits the surface. I have sorted out the Best Bluetooth dartboards 2021 for the people who are tired of looking for the best one for themselves.

 Additional Features: 

  • Every hit is 100% accurate
  • Known for its high performing capability
  • LED lights steal the show
  • Appealing square-shaped dartboard edges
  • Availability of six darts
  • Works with 4 AA batteries
  • Efficient AC power
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Requires free iOS/ Android app for connection
  • Unavailability of Electronic display

2.Gran Board 3 LED- best Bluetooth Dartboard

One of the most wonderful and appealing dartboards I have used with complete interest is Gran board 3, which comes with surprising features.

LED dartboard

 Additionally, it is an LED dartboard that is highly compatible in this technological era. This one is my favorite dartboard as I have been using it for years, and it is amazingly designed.


I must mention how accurate this dartboard is, as the results it shows are breathtaking. No one can ignore its scoring capability. The most incredible feature of this dartboard that I like the most is the LED lights behind every number. The advantage of these lights is that you can easily see the numbers even when you play the game in the low lights.

Easy data tracking

I must say how this dartboard has helped me and is useful. Moreover, it helped me easily access data tracking, scoring, and graphics. I have connected this dartboard on several devices such as IOS/ Android, Smart TV, and others.

No doubt, I truly enjoyed playing games on this dartboard as I am still in love with its LED light feature. I got this dartboard at a very reasonable price, and I am still enjoying the show. It entertains me while I play my favorite game.

Smooth gameplay

The entire gameplay is smooth, and I have not yet faced any complications while playing the game. This device is worth buying, and you will surely invest your money in a good product.

 Additional Features: 

  • Compatible with a 5th generation
  • Comes in green in color
  • Its thickness makes it even more versatile
  • Easily connects with the app
  • Free download from particular play store
  • Play the game easily in low lights
  • The quality is worth the price
  • Amazingly designed that lasts longer
  • Availability of high-quality ink for increased visibility
  • The USB jack on the circuit board easily breaks

3.Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Another dartboard on my list is Gran board 2, which is made up of durable material.

Easily visible.

Aside from that, this dartboard is also easily seen from a great distance. You will never regret your decision to buy this dartboard as it is of superior quality.

Exceptional quality.

Additionally, I am still using this dartboard as I am quite satisfied with this dartboard’s quality and how amazing it turns out when I play games on this dartboard.

Easy performance tracker.

Interestingly, there is an app that comes with the devices that help track your performance, and to be very honest, I love the way it tells me how I have performed so far and how much I have improved. This device is highly recommended as it has all the dartboard player needs.

Mind-Blowing design.

Furthermore, you will never take your eyes off this dartboard as it is amazingly designed, and the quality is worth the money. Not only the quality but the quantity of this dartboard is also amazing.

All the information is visible.

Also, the app that comes with the device is quite detailed as it has everything mentioned on it, so the players do not have to worry much about their performance. All the dart players who are seriously looking for the best Bluetooth dartboard must invest in this one as it is one of the best dartboards so far for professional players.

Perfect for professional dartboard players.

Moreover, this dartboard is also for the players who want to be a pro in the future. Importantly, this dartboard comes in the category of a premium dartboard, and hence it comes with several benefits. You cannot deny its performance and how simple it makes your game. Best Bluetooth dartboards 2021 are the ones from which you can buy the one that suits you the most as per your gaming skills.

 Additional Features: 

  • Soundproof as it absorbs sound easily
  • high quality material
  • One of the best dartboards so far with ideal features
  • HD display
  • It comes with 2 dart sets.
  • Works with several devices such as a tablet, Smart TV, phone.
  • User can play several games on this dartboard.
  • User can play against the computer
  • There are 9 levels
  • Overall easy to play
  • A bit pricey
  • The app takes some time to update
  • The dartboard does not show the display itself

4.Viper Vtooth 1000- best Electronic Dartboard

Every dart player looks for a perfect dartboard that enhances their skills. Besides, it is quite difficult in this technological era to choose one as there are many choices from which the players can choose.

Amazing material.

Moreover, the dartboard’s material is unimaginable and is made of high-quality polymer compounds. Aside from that, this dartboard has a perfect size that fits in every kind of game room.

Play many games

Moreover, this game allows you to play more than 16 games. Isn’t that incredible? Also, the gamers have easy access to track games and stats, improving their performance. The purpose of discussing Best Bluetooth dartboards 2021 is to acknowledge how fast the technology is going and how one can make a better choice.

Play 4 player games

Additionally, the player can enjoy one more feature of the game to play the game online. I have played several games with up to 4 players, and I got great exposure. The most amazing fact about this device is that it easily gets connected with your device. Isn’t this an incredible dartboard as it allows you to keep complete track of your scores?

 Additional Features: 

  • Easy connectivity
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Built-in storage holds two sets of darts
  • Increased durability to play games.
  • The display is available right on the dartboard.
  • You can easily envision your scores.
  • Thinnest dartboard for increased chances of winning.
  • Apps are available for both Android and iOS.
  • Comes in regular size.
  • Not so versatile app.
  • Unclear display from a far distance.


1. Are electronic dartboards any good?

Electronic dartboards are the best way to introduce dartboard games to a broader range of players.

2. How long do dartboards last?

A normal board should last till 4-6 six months unless roughly used.

3. Are soft tip dart boards any good?

Soft tip dart boards are great and convenient for any player. They are very amazing for the players who want to up their games.

4.Is it bad to leave darts in a dartboard?

Yes, the darts damage the dartboard when left in the dartboard for a longer period of time.


Summing up the reviews of 4 top notch dart boards we found that, Technology has changed everything, and so does the use of darts. Darts in the olden days were quite difficult to play, but darts have become quite simple. Every little detail is mentioned and keeps you aware of your score. Also, you can improve yourself by playing the game repeatedly. I have also mentioned some of the Bluetooth dartboards of remarkable quality. I have personally used them and am in love with this new technological advancement in these games. I hope that the Best Bluetooth dartboards 2021 discussed above will help you.

Every dart player is searching for a good quality dart that makes their game interesting and adventurous. While deciding which one to go for, the players sometimes get puzzled and look for different options. I am sure you can select the best Bluetooth dartboard 2021 from the ones discussed above.

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